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Seafood World has forged ahead to be recognized as the leader in processing and delivering a range of seafood products of the highest quality. We has been renowned for the supply of premium quality seafood products to major companies around the world and with constant investment in resources it is able to offer all their customers the confidence that products are consistent, derived from sustainable resource and manufactured with full product traceability, whilst upholding the utmost importance of Food Safety in mind..
Seafood World Intl has become synonymous with all that is best in the efficient supply of quality seafood. Our strong experience in process and international sales, which make us very well know about the international market. Our products are hygienically stored and packed to ensure to retain the freshness and nutritive content.


Leading Seafood Processor & Exporter

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Address: A-13b Karachi Fish Harbor, West Wharf karachi PAKISTAN
Phone: +92-3112179216

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